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The Best Strategy On How To Do Email Marketing

Updated: Jun 9, 2022

What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing can be hard to figure out at first, but when done the right way, it can increase traffic to your website and potentially get you more sales. The goal for email marketing is capturing the audiences attention to drive them to your website. First, you have to get a list of emails and the best way to do this is having a funnel on your website such as a subscribers list which could be giving potential customers a discount, more info and tips on their business, etc. It depends on what you want to do and what kind of business you have.

How can I have a successful email marketing campaign

There are many ways a company can go about having a successful email campaign but one that seems to have the most success rate is a drip campaign. Drip campaigns, gets a potential customer to gain knowledge and what your company has to offer. This will also help you gain credibility and trust with the client.

How to grab the attention of potential customers from Email Marketing

This is to get the customer or potential customer interested in the content that you are sending. This can draw potential customers to your website to see what you have to offer. After grabbing the attention of the customer, you can send them your services to show them what kind of services you provide. The customer at this point will be most likely interested in your services. If they aren't you can email me them and try to schedule a call. A call with a client will help you and the client gain chemistry and trust.

Doing the consultation

Having a call with the client is the best way to interact with them and let them know if they have any questions or concerns. This is also a great way to educate the client on the services you provide and how it will be beneficial to them. After all, if you have a client on the phone, they are interested in you, but it's you that has to convince them to go with your company. Hence, making the sale. And this is where you show your expertise so don't ever go into a call with a client with no knowledge of their company and what they are looking for. Do some investigation whether it's going to their website or talking to them via email. These are great ways to gain knowledge of what the client is looking for.

Making the sale from Email Marketing

Lastly, the final step is to make the sale. If the client wasn't interested from your call, you can still try and get the client through email marketing. This can be done, by sending promotions to the client to give them a discount on your services and could put the client potentially over the top. Everyone has faced a client that said, "That's too much money for me at the moment." Well this is your chance to show the client that you have a discount going on for end of summer sale, fall sale, winter sale, maybe it's the clients birthday, etc.

Is Email Marketing worth it?

When it comes down to it, email marketing is a great tool and when done the correct way can have a huge impact on getting you business. Promotions and discounts are a great way to get a client's attention and even sending an email campaign saying "Don't Miss Out!" will drive people insane because they don't want to miss out.

Interested in the best tips to Email Marketing

Want to learn more about email marketing and how we can help you build a list of emails and increase traffic to your website?


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